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What is Kratom?

Kratom is an all natural herbal supplement, that comes from the leaves of a kratom tree from Southeast Asia. Kratom's primary constituent, mitragynine, and 40 other alkaloids, bind to and activate the same brain receptors as opioids do.


The amount of kratom taken and the strain used can provide different benefits for each user. People who seek pain relief, a natural stimulant, or even an aid in relaxing may also want to try kratom.

Kratom is not an FDA approved supplement

This product has not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

​What's Mit Therapy?

Mit Therapy is a kratom brand dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality blends and extracts. We have done years of research and tons of testing, so that we can give kratom users the best experience possible. We care about the people who try our products, so we do extensive research and lab testing to guarantee a product that does what it's supposed to and comes from where it should. When you choose Mit Therapy, you choose quality and results. 

​Vital Elements

Vital Elements is our regular kratom powder, capsule, & shot brand. All our kratom is lab tested and highly loved by new and experienced kratom users. We have four unique strains, made from the best and cleanest kratom you can find. 

Strains & Anecdotal Effects

Super White: Energize, Mood Boost, Anxiety Relief

Green Maeng-Da: Pain Relief, Energize, Elevate

Mixed Malay: Energizing, Focus, Motivation

Red Gold: Relief, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxation

Vital Elements doesn't have any added extracts, so it's a great place to start! If you're trying to dive into the kratom world, or searching for a tamer experience than enhanced or concentrated kratom, look no further, Vital Elements is here. 

Vital Elements Powder Sizes:

   · 60 Grams

   · 120 Grams

   · 250 Grams

Vital Elements Capsule Sizes:

   · 90 Count

   · 150 Count

   · 300 Count

* Vital Elements also offers kilogram sized bags of 42 other strains. *

​​Vital Elements Extract Shots

We're thrilled to introduce Vital Elements Kratom Shots, the latest innovation from the creators of Mit Therapy. These extraordinary shots come in four tantalizing flavors that will take your kratom experience to new heights!

Flavors & Descriptions:

🍏 Green Hulu Mutsu:   Dive into the world of Green Hulu kratom blended with the crisp, refreshing taste of Green Mutsu Apple. It's a fusion of nature's goodness and mouthwatering delight.

🍍🥥 Golden Pina Sumatra:   Experience the magic of Golden Sumatra kratom harmoniously combined with the tropical flavors of Pineapple and Coconut. It's like a vacation in a bottle!

🍰 Cinna Maeng Da:   A tantalizing blend of Maeng Da kratom with the warm, comforting taste of Cinnamon Cake. It's the perfect companion for staying inside cozied up on a cold day.

🍓🍹 Straw Bali Colada:   Embark on a journey with this Red & White Bali kratom blend, complemented by the refreshing taste of Strawberry Colada. It's an exotic escape in every sip.

Product Facts:

🌿 **Pure Power**: Enjoy the full potential of kratom with the highest quality ingredients.

🍹 **Irresistible Flavors**: Indulge in an array of mouthwatering flavors to suit your taste.

💰 **Affordable Luxury**: Save money without compromising on premium quality.

🧪 **Laboratory Tested**: We prioritize your well-being with rigorous testing standards.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to try one of the cleanest affordable kratom shots on the market.
Embrace the power of nature with Vital Elements Kratom today!   

Vital Elements Shot:

   · 4 Unique Flavors

   · 140 Total Alkaloids

   · Clean Lab Tested Extracts Lab Tested Extracts

​Mit Therapy Extract Enhanced Kratom

Introducing Mit Therapy Extract Enhanced Kratom. Pioneering the industry in a way of our own. We've elevated traditional kratom powder and capsules to a whole new level, bridging a gap in the market. Designed as a middle ground between standard kratom and potent extract shots, our extract enhanced product not only saves you money, but also delivers intensified effects. It's the Ideal choice if you've found standard kratom less effective and seek a stronger solution without leaping right into those overpowering extract shots.

Strains & Anecdotal Effects

Mixed Malay + White Kali: Energize, Elevate, Mood Boost

Green Hulk + Yellow Kong:   Clarity, Energize, Motivation

Red Bali + White Elephant: Recovery, Relaxation, Relief

Mixed Maeng DaEnergize, Euphoria, Pain Relief

Hulu + White IndoSleep, Relief, Tranquility

Green Dragon + Super GreenMood Boost, Euphoria, Energize

Mit Therapy Powder Sizes:

   · 14 Grams

   · 120 Grams

   · 250 Grams

   · 500 Grams

Mit Therapy Capsule Sizes:

   · 10 Count

   · 90 Count

   · 150 Count

   · 300 Count

​Nano Kratom Extract Shots

Discover the superiority of Mit Therapy Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Shots. 

FULL SPECTRUMThe full spectrum of over 40 alkaloids is still in tact. That means you get way more than just Mitragynine! All of these additional supporting alkaloids help to provide the best ride, and paint the whole picture of Kratom!

STARTS WORKING IMMEDIATELYOur proprietary Nano Technology allows the kratom extract to enter your bloodstream with speed and ease. STARTING IN YOUR MOUTH, NOT IN YOUR GUT.

NANO ALKALOIDS: Nano sized alkaloids work faster and stronger, so it's able to absorb straight into your bloodstream giving you the fast onset out there. 

AMAZING BIOAVAILABILITY: Due to our water soluble formula, the body is able to absorb a lot more of this shot compared to other oil based shots, with very little to no lost. 

Because our nano extracts use water and have no fats, lipids or oils, your 70%+ water based body

can actually absorb a lot more of this shot, compared to the other competitors on the market!

Stop pouring money down the drain, and start your Mit Therapy journey today!


   · Spearmint 15mL Nano Shot - Spearmint helps hide the taste of kratom, and is easier on the stomach.

   · Unflavored 15mL Nano Shot - Sweet notes to help mask the kratom taste.

   · Dave's Brew Nootropics + Kratom 15mL Nano Shot - Elevate your game with a blend of nootropics and kratom.

   · Mit Lite Black Tea Flavored 10mL Nano Shot - Black tea compliments the earthy kratom taste in a smaller bottle.

Alternative Tonics Kava Products

Introducing Alternative Tonics! Avoid Alcohol, Not The Buzz!

Alternative Tonics, a new kava shot, has hit the market, offering consumers a unique and refreshing way to experience the benefits of the wonderful kava root. Kava has been used for centuries in Pacific Island cultures for its alleged relaxing and calming effects. It is said to have anxiety and stress reducing properties, while also promoting better sleep, and aiding in muscle relaxation.

We've taken our own unique and refreshing twist to the game and released a line of kava shots and gummies. The shots come in two different options that are an oasis of flavor! While the gummies come in two different size options to make sure you'll have enough for the occasion.


   · Alternative Tonics Pineapple (60mL Shot) - A pineapple tonic heavy on kava, with some kratom to smooth it out.

   · Alternative Tonics Blueberry Watermelon (60mL Shot) - The same formula as our pineapple shot with a flavor twist.

   · Alternative Tonics Fruit Medley Gummies (4CT) - Your personal stash of fruity flavors and kava in gummy form.

   · Alternative Tonics Fruit Medley Gummies (8CT) - Enough fruity kava gummies to share.

​New Products Coming Soon!

Stay informed on our latest product drops through our social media pages, on Instagram and Facebook

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